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How to prepare a qualified application as a reseller

Reseller applications range from basic to comprehensive based on which company you are Appling too. Some companies will want little information and are setup for quick approval and drop shipping; while other companies want to pick and choose who they are associated with in the industry such as large distributors and companies who have been around a long time.

For a basic application be prepared to provide information such as business name, business address, the type of business, expected sales per month or annually. Basic applications usually takes a few minutes to  complete.

A comprehensive application will have the  same basic questions  business name, the type of business a few references from other suppliers or vendors. Plus additional questions such as : How long has your organization been selling , number of sales people employed in your organization, Geographic coverage: local, regional, national, international. Company mission statement, value added services you provide, how are sales leads generated, how are prospects qualified, do you have a set marketing budget, your current marketing activities: trade show, telemarketing, email, mail, seminar, Other marketing activities, such as twitter, LinkedIn, face book. and so on.  The company may follow up with a confirmation phone call to determine if your the right fit for their products and brand image. Comprehensive application will take more time and thought to fill out usually a few hours. 

Start by making a list of a few companies that ship for example patio furniture.   Go to the wholesaler's website and review application form online. Print forms and do rough draft of application. Review rough copy for clarity correct any mistakes and submit edited copy to wholesaler.  Once you have filled out a few application it will become easier answering questions about your business.

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